Claustrophobia: What It Is and How to Cope

Claustrophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 12% of Americans suffer from claustrophobia. This fear of enclosed spaces can

Discover the New You: Nose Lift

Do you feel unsatisfied with what your nose looks like? If that’s the case, you are not the only one who feels this way. Low self-esteem is a common problem

Keep Tenants Safe With The Right Risk Assessments

Landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that their tenants are living on a habitable property. While keeping the property in good condition is part of it, it also means

What It Feels Like to Live Longer

You have probably wondered what it feels like to live a hundred years. You’ll face famine, world wars, innovations, and discoveries that can only be heard in history books. Centenarians

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