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Maintaining oral implants

Immobilised prosthetics have become a big part of many local dental surgeries’ repertoires. And with the idea of replacing teeth now becoming mainstream, they are seen by many people as

The Key to Dental Marketing

A well designed website is the key to dental marketing, without which you may as well be non-existent in this age of digital technology and the internet. An experienced digital

Recovering From Surgery When You Live Alone

Recovering from surgery is no easy feat, especially if you are living alone. The best option is to spend a few more days in the hospital post-op but, unfortunately, that

Myths About Gout You Need to Stop Believing

Gout, or hyperuricemia, is a type of complex arthritis that is more common than one might think. It occurs when high levels of uric acid form urate crystals collect in your joints. A

Why dental caries in children are a concern

Ask a dental expert and they would be quick to point out that dental decay in children and adults alike is a needless scourge in the diverse array of dental

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