Health and Wellness

Are you having a dental emergency?

A dental emergency often strikes when you least expect it. For some people sudden pain can occur when they wake up one morning, whilst for other people the pain can

How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy

They say that it’s easier to build girls and boys than it is to repair women and men, and this adage is true even for eating healthily. Many of the

Pointers for People with Eating Disorders

The pandemic upended the lives of many people across the country. It forced them to stay home to avoid catching the virus that put the whole world at a standstill.

The role of a hygienist

Regular visits to the dentist are vital in ensuring optimal oral health. The dentist may often recommend a further check-up with the hygienist and this can help enhance your oral

Essential Ideas for Family Health and Wellness

As a parent, few things will grant you a greater sense of joy and accomplishment than raising happy, healthy kids. When our children are content with who they are and

The Importance of Running Activities

With the avalanche of challenges that we face each day, it is almost like a requirement that we must boost our immune system. One of the best ways to guarantee

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